Reviews Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

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Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z Review

The Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z saw has been designed for a wide range of uses. With this review I really want to focus on the features you might find most beneficial.

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Weighing in at 7.1 pounds, this is not a very heavy tool, and that can make a world of difference for many people. A more compact and light circular saw is just plain easier to use, and even over slightly longer periods of time, you shouldn’t feel fatigued in your hands or wrist. It features an ergonomic design as well, making this a comfortable saw to use.

This model is battery powered, with no cable at all, and that can be seen as a huge positive for many people or a small negative for some others. A downside here is having to charge a battery between uses, but since the battery should normally last through most jobs you have to do, it shouldn’t be something most users have to think about. On the other hand, keeping the tool plugged in can cause some frustration with a cord that gets in the way or feels like it is pulling on the saw. The difference here is mostly preference.

I really like the additional features they have included here. The dust blower will keep your cuts clean and clear of sawdust as you work, and two LED lights help to light up the work area and further increase visibility. Great little touches which go a long way toward a more pleasing experience.

What’s so great about the Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z?

This model is quite lightweight and small without sacrificing power, and the ergonomic design goes further to help prevent fatigue and cramping.

It’s the little things that really make life easier. The dust-blower and built-in lights can turn sometimes frustrating experiences into relatively easy walks in the park.

The cordless design makes sure the cord will not be in your way when you work. Too much pull from a cord might put a cut off balance.

Finally, the 3 year warranty ensures peace of mind.

What’s not so great about the Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z?

The cordless design might not appeal to all users, even though many of us wouldn’t think to use a circular saw with a cord anyway.

Is the Makita Bare-Tool BSS610Z a great purchase?

Indeed it is a great purchase, because this flexible tool can be used in such a range of different ways and does make many jobs easier. While it is not meant to be the largest and most powerful circular saw on the market, it can handle many jobs, and it can be utilized by a novice as well as a professional.

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