DEWALT DW364K Review

There are different types of tools that are designed to perform different types of work. Whether you are a professional carpenter, or just looking for home improvement tools, a circular saw is among the most important things that should be in your tool box.

This type of a saw is very effective in cutting different materials such as steel, iron, stainless steel and wood among other materials. Are you confused about the right circular saw to purchase? If this is the case, this review will help you get the right circular saw that will meet all your needs.

The DEWALT DW364K 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake is a quality tool that has been tested and proven to work perfectly well. It has amazing features that make operation very easy when you are cutting different types of materials. This product is designed for people with workshops or people looking for personal home improvement tools among other uses.


This is an amazing machine with exemplary features that make it easy to use. Some of the outstanding features of this circular saw include the following;

Rear Pivot Depth

The worst thing that can happen to you when you are using any electric saw is cutting your fingers in the course of the work. This can be very frustrating. This machine is designed in a way that it allows your hands to remain behind the machine at all depths of cuts.

Heavy Gauge Aluminium Alloy Base

The machine is constructed of high-strength aluminium alloy that ensures it lasts longer on the worksite. You can use the machine on any surface without worrying about wear or tear. This gives you the opportunity to perform your tasks confidently knowing that you have a durable circular saw that cannot disappoint you.

Powerful Motor

The motor is an important element in a circular saw. It is the strength of the motor that will determine how powerful the machine is going to be when cutting through different materials. This model has a powerful 15.0 amp, 2, 075 MWO motor that makes it perfect for hard applications.

What’s So Great About The DEWALT DW364K?

  1. It has electric brake that stops the blade after use
  2. Its powerful motor that allows the machine to handle difficult applications
  3. The presence of rear pivot depth of cut adjustment keeps your hands behind the tool to avoid accidents
  4. It is designed with a high-strength aluminium alloy base for increased durability
  5. The machine has a 50 degree bevelling capacity that increases capacity in different applications

What’s Not So Great About The DEWALT DW364K?

  1. The machine is very heavy

Is This A Great Purchase?

When you are selecting the right circular saw for all your cutting needs, there are different things that you need to look at. Some of the key things that many people consider include the motor power, durability, warranty and safety features. Luckily, this machine has all that.

The machine is a great purchase, and it will provide you with value for your money. For its price, this circular saw with electric brake is worth investing in and you will enjoy using it for a long period of time without experiencing any defects with the product.