Evolution DISCCUT1 Review

For the cost, weight, and power the Evolution DISCCUT1 12-Inch Disc Cutter, Orange is a must buy. It is very easy to use and can cut through anything like butter.

Instead of you doing the work, it does it for you flawlessly. The ingenuity is on par. How the blade sits aligned with the motor was well thought out. With the alignment combined with the raw power of the 5000 RPM/ 20 AMP motor, it still feels in control, balanced, and feels safe to use.

Been using the Evolution for the past 2 weeks and the blade has shown minimal wear. The spindle lock system is so simple and convenient to use.

Changing out the blade is so simple. I’ve cut through brick, cement, and rock, but the blade still looks factory new. You can’t go wrong with the value and a 3 year warranty.

The man of the house of course. I recommend the Evolution saw for anyone needing a saw for everyday use.

This product is perfect for anyone who does home-improvement, construction, crafting, and for anyone needing a machine that is durable, dependable, and most of all-powerful.


  • Weight: 32.8 pounds (Very light)
  • Motor: 2400W/20A Hi-torque motor
  • Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Disc: 12 inch disc / diamond blade

What’s So Great About The Evolution DISCCUT1?

  1. 12 inch Diamond blade disc. Gives the saw extreme durability and cutting power.
  2. The 2400W/20A motor is truly remarkable. Works smoothly with the disc. With the 5000 RPM speed, it does all the work for you.
  3. Light and ergonomic. The positioning of the handles provides balance and feels secure to use.
  4. Maintenance free is very nice when using a device like this daily. The blade lock mechanism is very useful and makes it a quick change.
  5. 3 year warranty is definitely a plus.
  6. Extremely easy and safe to use with no harmful fumes.
  7. 4 inches of cutting depth.
  8. Can saw through rebar which is impressive.

What’s Not So Great About The Evolution DISCCUT1?

  1. I need more projects to use it with.

Is This A Great Purchase?

It is a great product because of the quality and ingenuity put into the Evolution saw is truly remarkable. How the 2400W / 20A motor works in complete sync with the cutting power of the 12 inch diamond makes it an all-around great saw.

I recommend this saw to anyone who is needing a new saw, replacement, or requires something that can power through anything you put in front of it. Steel rebar, reinforced concrete, stone, and the list goes on. The safety and balance of this machinery is another factor that is amazing.

With a 3 year warranty just proves the quality and hard work put into the making of this Evolution saw. It is truly hard to believe that this saw is electric but can cut through anything like paper. The rubber grips make it really easy to hold onto giving accuracy to cuts needing exact parameters.

The lightweight, power, and quality have really paid off in the Evolution saw. Buying this saw will be a great addition to any craftsman needing to complete a project or just to get through the most stubborn parts of a job.