MK Morse CSM7NXTB Review

Are you the avid DIY person, or a professional who most of the time is dealing with precise cutting of metal? The MK Morse CSM7NXTB 7-Inch Metal Cutting Saw could be the perfect fit for you in so many ways. No longer do you have to go through the pains of the hacksaw.

The heavy work it makes out of cutting metal and even its consistencies. With this particular product, you will be setting yourself up for success in a great way and you will be able to get more work done in a shorter time span. Here’s why getting this saw would be a savvy move for you.


The MK Morse CSM7NXTB 7-Inch Metal Cutting Saw features a variety of benefits that would definitely get any interested person intrigued.

The main feature is the 7 inch metal cutting circular saw that is able to cut through all kinds of metal with ease and spectacular accuracy. All you have to do is get your measurements right and the saw will do the rest.

It also has an impressive no load speed of up to 3,500 RPM which means that when cutting, the circular saw is able to go through the metal faster and with less effort required from you.

This makes your work not only much easier but also much quicker and hence you are able to finish your projects and contracts in a shorter time frame.

The 11 Amp motor that has high torque and a low speed helps to ensure that the saw is a durable, versatile and retains the quality of the cut to the highest possible standard, allowing the saw to not only serve you for longer but also to be more helpful in a variety of other ways.

Since cutting metal requires decisive precision, the MK Morse CSM7NXTB 7-Inch Metal Cutting Saw features guide arrows that help you stick to your marks as well as an opening that makes it easier for you to position your saw and yourself for a better and more stable cut. Honestly speaking, there is nothing more that you would ask from a simple but work horse natured type of saw.

What’s So Great About The MK Morse CSM7NXTB?

There is quite an array of benefits that the user would get to enjoy with the purchase of this saw which include;

Its simple and easy to use layout that is ideal even for the beginners, but is still quite versatile for the more advanced users.

It is quite durable and can be put to a variety of different applications making it more like a jack of all trades.

Is compact and does not require much space which is a big advantage, especially given the value that it offers.

What’s Not So Great About The MK Morse CSM7NXTB

However, on the flip side, it is worth noting that the machine is not the lightest and might pose a slight challenge, especially to those that are not big on weight though not significantly.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Well, if you are looking for a work horse that is capable of delivering on a wide array of projects without crashing your pockets or your finances, then yes, this is the greatest buy that you can make in a metal cutting saw. It offers you value for your money and at the same time, outlives your expectations.

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