Top 5 Accessories for Circular Saw

Accessories are a necessity when a perfect straight cut is required to be produced with a circular saw. Even the most experienced users fail to produce a flawless cut without the right accessories.

Accessories such as hangars, rip fences, clamps and rails make using a circular saw an effortless task.

Mentioned below are the best five accessories that will make your circular saw usage experience a smooth one.

1. Rip Fences

Rip fences are fastened to the circular saws for precise and smooth results. Every brand of circular saw has its very own rip fence. Certain rip fences are compatible with the circular saws of other brands.

The rip fence is very simple to fasten and functions by designating the distance from the blade to the fence.

Attaching the rip fence to the saw is easy. It is done by inserting the rip fence through the slots at the front of the shoe and by tightening the screw.

The rip fence is a piece of rugged craftsmanship and is produced from metal. If the edge is straight to begin with, the rip fence is a very good option to clamping a fence down to work.

The fence that is put together is for hanging outdoors and the rip fence is essential in making accurate cuts.

2. Clamps

Clamps are generally used as guides with circular saws and routers. Efficient and versatile, the clamp allows you to make precise and clean cuts without causing side shifts.

Clamps come with a T-track, increasing their functionality to be used with a variety of tools. Clamps are a highly capable addition to your tool set.

They can be paired with standard home-made shop jigs and can be used with table saws, drill passes, routers and circular saws.

They ensure that you can tackle jobs requiring router guide plates and stop blocks. They can be clamped across the width of the board to provide a strong, firm straight edge to guide a circular saw. The setup is very quick, intuitive, and saves a lot of time.

3. Rip-cuts

Ripping the large panels into smaller ones is a tricky task. Ripping large wooden panels into smaller ones is an intimidating job as it requires a great deal of balance and concentration.

Even if you are ripping with the best table saw, you still need to lift heavy wooden panels, balance them properly to avoid bending while simultaneously trying to collect and adjust the finished work pieces as they exit the saw.

The rip-cuts are extremely versatile and are handy tools which speed up the process of ripping down larger panels into smaller ones. No markings and chalk-lines are required.

Rip-cuts attach easily to circular saws and allow you to gain tremendous accuracy. Rip-cuts feature durable designs including aluminum rails and easy-to-read adjustable scale.

4. Clamping Edges

Clamping edges with their extruded aluminum body ensure rigid clamping and straight accurate cuts. A large handle creates high clamping pressure when making angled or straight cuts.

The soft-grip clamping foot ensures the material is held firmly in place, without causing damage to the work. Clamps can be used for other types of tasks too, such as gluing.

This circular saw accessory increases the efficiency of circular saws, routers and other tools.

5. Brakes

The brakes help in stopping the blade after the trigger is released. Made up of durable design, the brakes help in smooth retraction.

Wrench storage allows convenience for blade changes and easy storage. A carrying case is usually provided for easy portability.

Ensure to add these amazing and efficient accessories to get perfect and accurate cuts from your circular saw and save a lot of effort and time.